Spindeco Technologies Oy has developed the proprietary SpinX Technology which is based on the polarisation of conduction electrons. Directing conduction electrons reduces dissipation in conductors and appliances. The technology reduces energy consumption, improves the efficiency and lowers the operating temperature.


Responsibility for the future – The world must be made better by utilising the increasing amount of information!

Green values – We must end pollution; the carbon footprint can be reduced to create a cleaner world, a better place to live!

Courage to create something new – Everyone can make a difference; the good deeds can be scaled to match the available resources! We must have the courage to question and utilise available information and test results!

History of SPINDECO

More than 10 years of research has enabled Spindeco Technologies Oy to create a conductor which utilises normal charge carriers together with polarised electrons. The coating that enables the polarisation is applied on the conductor via an electrochemical process. The coating was developed together with the University of Eastern Finland’s (UEF) Department of Applied Physics. The process has been made ready for production in collaboration with UEF and it is scalable for various types of conductors from the microampere class to power current applications.

This method enables remarkable energy saving for large-scale energy consumers such as operators in the fields of industry, mining and lighting. The improved efficiency reduces the amount of required energy which in turn reduces dissipation and enables a longer service life for appliances.


Pekka Saastamoinen observes the connection between magnetic fields and signal flow.


Saastamoinen presents the effects of “magnetically manipulated” electrons to Petteri Koljonen.


Our test results clearly point at the spin properties of electrons toward which the research is then directed.


Google Scholar produces 4 search results on spintronics.


The technology is developed into a coating process.


Petteri Koljonen joins the development team as a full-time member.


We file the first patent application.


Led by Professor Reijo Lappalainen, a research group of the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) Department of Physics starts to study Spindeco’s test results and theoretical models.


We find new groups of substances and bonds that enable a stronger effect on electron polarization.


The technology is registered as SpinX Technology®.


We start to develop a scalable industrial process that enables treating conductors of varying lengths and sizes.


The first spin cables enter the market.


We file the second patent application regarding our technology.


Google Scholar produces 8700 search results on spintronics.


The technology is ready to be applied to industrial products and production lines.


The first cables with the SpinX Cables trademark (www.spinxcables.com) enter the market.


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